Best Baggy Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Today we are here to talk about baggy mom jeans outfit ideas. If you are into relaxed fashion, then I am here to show you ways how to style and wear these jeans. They are loose, comfortable, and stylish. I wear mine with a t-shirt during the day and then switch out the shirt for a more dressy number at night. These jeans are so much more comfortable than tight pants. My advice to you is to definitely try them. They are a great way to break the rules of dressing and get the perfect jeans that are just right for different occasions. It’s time to say “goodbye” to those tight jeans that squeeze your hips, legs, bottom and uncomfortable waistband! These jeans will not only make you look chic but also feel comfy at all times.


Baggy Mom Jeans Outfit

Here I share with you some of the coolest styles that are trending this year, including ripped versions, high-waisted, as well as my favorite black-colored version, and plus-size styles.

Ripped Style

When we first get into the game, it’s natural to feel like you have to do something extreme to wear them well. But once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll be able to wow the crowd with no trouble. Yes, the ripped version might look strange at first, but trust me,  they are so comfortable to wear, yet still look chic and stylish. As you can see, they look pretty cool styled with a lace top, corset tops, combat boots, and sneakers.


High Waisted

It’s a great way to update your outfit without sacrificing the comfort and authenticity of a relaxed-fit jeans. This piece is perfect for crop top looks, but you can complete them with shirts, sweaters, and blouses. These jeans are making a comeback in a big way, so it’s no wonder they’re popping up everywhere. Whether you want to wear them with flats, open toe sandals, or ankle strap shoes, these styles are going to make your outfit pop. Additionally, these jeans are great for hiding imperfections and flaws such as big tummies and bulges on the thighs.Baggy-Mom-Jeans-High-Waisted-To-Spice-Up-15

Plus Size

They will make you feel amazing and free at the same time. A perfect blend of comfort and fashion, this is an ideal bottom piece for both everyday wear and dressy occasions. I know what challenges come with finding jeans that not only fit but are also comfortable. Shopping for clothes is already difficult enough being a plus-size person. The best part about wearing baggy mom jeans is that they are low maintenance. They go with any top and are perfect for those days where you want to wear something comfy but still want the style payoff of high-waisted mom jeans.Baggy-Mom-Jeans-Plus-Size-Newest-Outfit-Ideas-To-Create-In-Five-Minutes-3


Now, the color isn’t style, but I included them in this part, as they are having a moment and I see more black ones, instead of classic blue versions. They look incredibly chic paired with red sweaters, black cardigans and oversized rock band shirts:


So, what is so special about these jeans anyway? How should you style them? Here are shown some simple outfit ideas that can be a perfect match for these baggy jeans.

With Leather Jackets

The following look has been around for over a decade, and they are still around. The leather jacket is considered a classic item that comes in many styles, such as bomber and biker.

If you’re going for the lazy and comfortable look, try completing the look by adding stylish flats, like sneakers or Tomboy Oxfords, and a plain T-shirt or oversize sweater. If you want to impress your friends with your fashion sense, try teaming them with high heels,  and a low-cut top. Here we see rippped ones with biker jacket, and classic version completed with a crop sweater and classic black leather jacket.


With Bomber Jacket

When you mix these two items together, you create just the right amount of effortlessness. The bomber jacket is stylish enough to stand up to being worn with a pair of sneakers, but not so much that it’s noticed and overshadowed by these jeans. It can also add a bit of sophistication for when paired with other items in your wardrobe like boots or heels. I love when ladies go for an oversized bomber jacket with a sweatshirt and ankle boots.


With Sneakers

The key is to wear them with sneakers is creating a fancy look. How about adding an oversized blazer. It’s also important that the colors are complementary- for instance, if you have on a navy blue top, it would be best to go with the same color sneakers. This look usually works best with low-top sneakers. You can either cuff the jeans and show off your kicks, or go for a cropped top to make a sophisticated update.


With Hoodie

If you want to look at your best in this combo, you have to know how to wear them in style. You might not be able to do that without learning a few tricks. Bagginess is the name of the game, so make sure your jeans are long enough and have plenty of slouching room for the extra fabric at the bottom where you can let your booty hang low.

Most importantly, don’t forget about your accessories! You need to carry some extra pieces with your outfit so it doesn’t become too boring. Get creative with headscarves and belts when wrapping up loose ends of scarf or around the waist as tie belts in different colors help break up the monotony of your outfit.Baggy-Mom-Jeans-With-Hoodie-Where-Comfort-Meets-Elegance-4

With T-Shirts

It doesn’t take a lot to get this outfit ready. The most important thing is to find a shirt that compliments your skin color and shoes. I’d like to show you new ways how to wear it. You will find simple, comfortable, and stylish outfits for everyday wear. As you can see, it can be either an oversized T-shirt or a cropped version.


With Boots

Frankly speaking, any style of boots looks great with these jeans. There are some days when it’s hard to figure out how you want your outfit to look, but the moment you realize these jeans work well with anything, you won’t have those issues anymore! As you can see, they look cool with combat boots and a blazer, or an oversized bomber jacket:


With Sweaters

This is a look that was popular in the 80s but has made a revival recently. It’s easy to see why this dressy and casual look has recently come back in style.

I want you to take a look at some easy ways how to wear this combination. There are a few hacks that will make it possible for you to rock this trend whether you have an hourglass figure, apple shape.

A trick for hourglass figures is to choose an oversized sweater. Apple shapes should wear their jeans high-waisted. Wear oversized sweaters on top or tuck in skinny sweaters with some statement jewelry is a perfect solution.


With Coat

The cool thing about this combo is that even though these two items of clothing seem very different on their own, they don’t have to be worn separately. It is a great outfit that can be combined with any of the clothes in your closet. It is enough to carry baggy mom jeans with a coat, sneakers or loafers, a woolen hat and you will look stylish. Such an idea does not require a lot of money when it comes to clothing purchases either.Baggy-Mom-Jeans-With-Coat-Fascinating-Tricks-3

With Pumps

Select the jeans you want to wear with your shoes. The size and fit should be suitable for your shoe size and the proportions should look good with your outfit’s overall design and aesthetic style. I will show you ways how to style these pieces the right way. The jeans look cool with classic black pumps or with heeled sandals, add a shirt or a blouse:


With Crop Top

This is an outfit that can definitely be dressed up or down and either worn on its own or with an oversized shirt. This look is good for when you want to feel sexy but not overdo it when going out with friends or running errands around town! The second way is for date night or just feeling like dressing up a bit more than usual at work or school. Complete the look by adding chunky sneakers:


With Denim Jackets

There are so many ways to wear them and I will show you how to do it. Here you can see an oversized denim jacket teamed with a cropped top and chunky sneakers, or you can choose heels or any other heeled footwear.


As the fashion world continues to evolve and create new trends, one thing remains the same: baggy mom jeans are here to stay. This versatile and comfortable style of jeans has become the go-to for celebrities, influencers, and everyday fashionistas alike. Whether you’re off to brunch or running errands, baggy mom jeans are sure to add a stylish edge to your look.

Style Variations

When it comes to baggy mom jeans, there is no one-size-fits-all. You’ll find a variety of styles, from ripped to tapered, with a variety of washes, including classic light blue and dark indigo. The options are endless!

How to Wear

Baggy mom jeans can be styled a variety of ways, depending on the occasion. For a casual day look, try pairing them with a basic crop top and a statement belt. If you’re going out, opt for a classic white t-shirt and a blazer. For a more elevated look, opt for a dressy blouse and a pair of heels.

The biggest trend this 2023 is the classic cuffed and cropped look. This style is perfect for showing off a pair of statement shoes. For a more relaxed look, try pairing your baggy mom jeans with a graphic t-shirt and a denim jacket. To add a dressier touch, opt for a blouse and a belt with a statement buckle.

No matter how you style them, baggy mom jeans are sure to be a staple in your wardrobe this 2023. With endless styling possibilities, you’ll be sure to find an outfit that suits your style and personality.

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