Blazer Dresses Styles: Choose You Favorite Design

I am here to show you my favorite styles of blazer dresses and give you some ideas on how to wear them now. They are amazing fashion pieces, and what we love about them is that they have been able to survive the fashion industry’s fickle changes. This means you can wear this style for a lifetime because it is timeless. In today’s world where everything seems to be produced at a moment’s notice, that is a huge blessing! If you are looking for the perfect dress with all of these great features, then we definitely recommend this option.

black blazer dress with black otk boots

Double Breasted Blazer Dress

This one is a perfect piece to wear at the office. It is considered business formal dress and some say it does not look too dressy in the office. But, I still love it and find it perfect for offices, because it is modern and timeless. To keep the look classy and chic you should pair your dress with statement heels and a classic office bag to make your wardrobe more complete. You can choose to have the dress inappropriate length according to your height. But the dress is good for many other events such as parties, weddings and family gatherings, graduation day and more. They do look great with heeled shoes, like sandals and pumps, but I know women who prefer to style them with casual sneakers and the result is pretty chic.


Sequin Blazer Dress

The dress is very popular to wear at parties, as well as during the summer night outs, or any other special occasion. You can also wear it as a party dress or an evening gown with a sequin-covered clutch and pointy pumps. It looks great on its own, but you can also add an elegant scarf. It generally can be paired with heels because they are eye-catchy enough that they fit without looking bulky.

If you’re one of the many women out there who are looking for an elegant outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve and you have a bit more confidence than your average woman, then this will be your best bet. Other reasons might include the fact that it is quite comfortable and easy to maneuver in. It also comes in black and gold as well as white. The dress has been made with sequins throughout so it adds a lot of sparkle to any outfit while staying modest at the same time. They come with double-breasted design and they do look chic with ankle-strap heels.


Sexy Blazer Dress

Now, there is no such style as sexy, but I wanted to show you some really cool and sassy designs that do look sexy to me. This dress is a hybrid of a blazer and a dress, that’s why you can find lots of mini-length styles that already look sexy. It has the chic look of the blazer but with an added sexiness because it looks like you are wearing a dress. Complete them with big belts, otk boots or clear heels.


Midi Blazer Dress

It is the perfect mix of casual, elegant, and sophisticated. Whether you want to wear it with a pair of sandals or pumps, the midi-length version is quite different from anything you’ll find in traditional stores. If you are looking for an affordable and chic look for your workplace then you can never miss wearing this dress. Fun fashion tip: don’t forget to add some long necklaces! The beauty of wearing it lies in the fact that everyone will love how great it looks on any individual. Pick a skirt length that is proportional to your height, generally, long skirts are better for petite girls and shorter skirts are perfect for tall girls.


Velvet Blazer Dress

There are many outfit ideas that you can create with this dress style. You can complete velvet look by adding a pair of classic heeled pumps or keep things feminine and edgy with mid-calf boots.


Long Blazer Dress

Since it can be worn in various activities, it will definitely make your personality more interesting. It can be a perfect choice for work, school and parties too. This nice piece of clothing is a must-have for all women willing to look great! If you want to see something cool, fresh, and worth buying then you definitely should try Long Blazer Dress, which is a kind of dress designed for any activities for not only formal wear but also casual and office wear too. Complete the look by adding pointed-toe pumps.


Sleeveveless Blazer Dress

There is nothing much to say about sleeveless styles, you can wear them as a casual part by sporting over a turtleneck and adding tights with boots for a fall season walk, or keep things sassy and monochrome, by wearing a white-colored version with white heeled sandals.


Satin Blazer Dress

It comes with a relaxed look all because of the fabric. You should consider wearing it for your next work party. Since this dress is more relaxed and chic than others, you will want to match it with some appropriate jewelry. Choose the right accessories, color, and style to make sure your outfit is perfect for any occasion.


Leather Blazer Dress

I am a big fan of wearing leather styles. It is very classy, and trendy and it looks good on almost everyone. The style is slightly edgier than the classic ones. It has a lot of different ways to wear it. You can wear it as a dress or pair it with jeans.


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